Posted on June 8th, 2018


This is for the parents looking for an effective ‘Mindfulness’ program for their children!

Mindfulness is a clinically proven tool to support wellbeing and mental health by reducing stress. With 1 in 7 young Australian kids (4-17 yrs of age) experiencing a mental health condition in 2018 it is more imperative than ever to teach our kids about self-regulation, self-awareness, self-confidence & social awareness.

Mindfulness increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision-making abilities. It has also be shown to reduce the severity of Depression, Anxiety & ADHD. Mindfulness builds resilience by giving kids skills to help them cope better with stress. It’s really a ‘No Brainer’ that every child will benefit from this program.

As well as our Adult YOGA classes, 1M1B are now offering a structured 8 week YOGA – MINDFULLNESS learning program, for children aged 3-5 years, 6-12 years, and 13-18 years of age with our captivating teacher Mary!  

Mary has extensive experience in the children’s industry as a performing artist as well as a Yoga and Dance teacher.

In her 20 years of working with children, she has developed skills in connecting and engaging with kids.

Mary’s Yoga and Mindfulness classes are focussed on fun and connection, giving children and teenagers permission to be fully self-expressed and relaxed in a safe environment.

Each class has been designed to suit the specific age groups :

Age: 3-5

In pre-prep classes, storytelling, music, and visual props are used.  The children are taken on a yoga adventure through pathways that blend physical and emotional awareness, with a gentle and fun approach.

Age: 5-11

In Primary aged classes, children are shown the expression of self-love and self-confidence, as well as community gathering and sharing.  Children are shown different ways to cope with emotional challenges that may be occurring in their lives, as well as learning about setting boundaries, and listening to their inner voice.

Age: 12-17

In Secondary school aged classes, teenagers experience the physical and emotional benefits of yoga, and are shown breathing techniques that build focus, and assist in their coping strategies with exam assessment and stress.

Mindfulness and relaxation is always included, regardless what the age group, is simple and gentle, taking the kids into their own unique true state of peace and calm.  Using guided meditations and positive affirmations, promoting self confidence, compassion and connection.

Call 9855 8307 for more information or to reserve your child’s space in our privately designed and fitted Meditation room!