Where’d that BABY come from??

Posted on June 28th, 2018

Where’d that BABY come from??

This happy woman at 30 weeks pregnant is a credit to the commitment she puts into herself at 6am three days a week without fail!
Pregnancy is a blessing, and in the right hands, your training program does not have to cease by any means! 

“About 7 odd years ago I walked my frail frame into my first class with Heidi. It was my first, in Heidi’s words “opportunity”

Training with Heidi has always been exciting, motivating and rewarding.  With her ever growing knowledge and ability to hone into your strengths and weaknesses, it makes training something you want to do. No matter how cold it is outside at 6am.

Over the years she has helped me set goals, achieve those goals, gain muscle and be the fit, healthy person (or athlete lol) I am today.

So when Heidi told me about her new venture to 1M1B, which I’m not going to lie is a further drive for me, there was no doubt I wouldn’t be waking up that 10 minutes earlier to make the journey.

1M1B has an amazing vibe and a fantastic set up for women. Heidi’s passion is to make sure that everyone who walks through those doors is welcomed and set on a path to success.

I am now 30 weeks pregnant and still easily training with Heidi’s guidance.

This is not just a gym, it’s an experience and I can’t recommend enough!”


Thank you for being an inspiration for ‘mother’s to be’ at our gym Lisa!