Posted on May 4th, 2018


Congratulations to Anna Becktash for her incredible results achieved this last 12 weeks!

Anna returned to training after the birth of her second child 12 weeks ago and has lost a whopping 10 kg as a result of consistently attending the gym, and mixing her classes based on what she felt like at the time as a new mum again.
WE LOVE HER “something’s better than nothing” approach on her challenging days, and working hard on her good days.

“Before I had children I was training 5 times a week and in great shape. During my two pregnancies I was unable to train and subsequently had unhealthy weight gain. After the babies were born I struggled to lose the weight, especially as it was harder to get to the gym. At 1M1B I signed up for a healthy eating and training plan, and with the support of the team over 5 months I’ve lost nearly 10kg. I was taught new strategies and correct techniques, which I am able to use at home when I can’t get to the gym.
I am feeling positive and energetic and can’t wait to get back into marathons again!”

GO ANNA! Thank you for being an inspiration to all our members!
A wonderful example of what CAN happen when we commit to a plan!