Posted on December 18th, 2018


TO keep members INSPIRED, we deliver a monthly physical challenge, for EVERYONE to participate in!
A great way to make friends, challenge yourself, and maintain your weekly benchmark!


Congratulations SIMI NARAYANA! You won a FREE BODY COMPOSITION SCAN for the August challenge!
We admired the way you overcome any post workout physical fatigue this month, to ALWAYS finish your 5 mins of PLANK DAILY without negotiation!

This Month – 50 PUSH-UPS A DAY – Bring on September!
(Can be done as 50 back to back or 2 x 25 – with 20 second rest between, on toes or knees depending personal strength ability)

5 reasons why you should incorporate pushups into your program –

1. Total body workout
Push ups work a whole lot more than just your chest and arms. Done correctly, your arms, shoulders, core and legs; It’s all about the tension!

2. Pump up the strength
Push ups build strength, there’s no question about that.
If you’re just starting out, you can start the total volume from your knees; after a week or two of regular push ups, you’ll build more tone (no more saggy triceps!), as well as your endurance and strength. You’ll be able to progress to hands and toes sooner than later!

3. Burn fat
Doing this fundamental exercise in interval sets will fire up your metabolism, and consequently start burning calories which will result in fat burn.

4. You don’t need any equipment
They can be done almost anywhere, even without equipment, which makes them one of the most versatile exercises.

5. Prevent injury
By doing push ups regularly you start to build more muscle. This helps protect your joints and strengthen them in a safe and functional way.

Here are 3 tips to get the most out of your push ups:

1. Keep a neutral spine and your core tight
Don’t let your core muscles switch off allowing your hips to sag; you need to keep your spine in a neutral position. Also, squeeze your glutes! This tip will improve your posture, protect your lower back and you will work your entire body by keeping it under tension. Use the mirror in the PT room to monitor your form.

2. Keep elbows close to your body
Be careful that you don’t flare your elbows wide out to a 90 degree angle. Keep them packed in your shoulders at roughly 45 degrees. Flaring your elbows wide should be avoided because it’s excessive load on the shoulders, and on your rotator cuffs, which could lead to issues. Retract through the scapula (upper back) to ensure an ‘inward and downward’ movement.
Form is critical, and the outcome of the exercise, outweighs any effort in maintaining this throughout!

3. Mind your fingers
Instead of holding your fingers together try separating them and gripping the floor firmly with each finger. This will give you better balance and will create better tension which will make your whole body work.

Go Team!