Class Descriptions

A variety of classes for every body

Structured, low intensity class, suited for any age or level wanting to improve postural strength and awareness; Designed specifically for you to take home and do anywhere with results!

You will re-gain 3 inches in height after this class!

Your body is broken down into specific muscle groups, worked on a continuous cycle, building strength, endurance, and muscle tone, in those hard to reach areas! A great workout that will leave you feeling firm!

Train your whole body effectively as one integrated unit in this class, and get the results you want, FAST!

Low intensity, low impact class that will give your whole body a steady resistance workout, focused on building balance, core strength, joint stability and mobility. 

These classes are FUN, packed with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM, and designed to build muscle tone, burn fat, build fitness, and strength, FAST!

For any ability level, both impact / non-impact versions available. You will leave feeling PHENOMINAL, guaranteed!

This class you will learn proper technique first, then progress into specific repetitions and sets tailored to your needs.

Upper body, legs hips and core (no pressure placed on joints), you will feel instant results in your movement!

Any ability level is welcomed with all exercises adaptable to any age bracket.   

Release tension, lengthen facia, reduce inflammation, promote circulation, restore mobility, and iron out stiff joints with these fantastic pieces of blue foam!

A whole body ‘relaxing’ workout, based on enhancing recovery between training sessions, you will leave feeling incredible!

You WILL tone muscle, improve flexibility, build postural strength!  Our specially designed classic Pilates sequence will anchor you into a lifetime of healthy habits!

Also known as the ‘ALPHA’ and ‘OMEGA’ of ALL core workouts!

Tone up! Learn how to incorporate TRX suspension exercises, with Kettlebell swings, for a full-body workout that will leave you feeling shredded!

Suited for any age or level – all exercises modified by our experienced trainers for special needs. 

We’ve blended a specific sequence of Hatha Yoga poses in this class, designed to relieve stress tension, restore joint mobility, flexibility, improve your vitality, both internally and externally.

Built upon a classic mix of Pilates and beginner Yoga.  Engage your core using our classic Mat Pilates sequence then flow into our Yoga poses, with an edgy twist of Pilates incorporated!

A MIX-MASH of everything! You will tone! You will burn fat! You will build lungs!  Learn the science from one of our professional athlete trainers!

Any age or ability welcome, everything modifiable!

A unique combination of Fit Ball and Thera-Band exercises, carefully placed to work every muscle in your body! Everything from balance, strength, core, arms, legs, and hips covered in this non-impact set; You’ll re-connect with muscles you haven’t spoken to in years!

Sit at a desk or in a car all day – then this class is for you! Nothing is left BEHIND, said in more ways than one!!!

Tighten and tone your calves, thighs, glutes, hips and abdominal area, with this concoction of movement, that will guarantee you a BOOTY BURN to last long into the night and next day!!