Body Composition Analysis Day

Posted on June 8th, 2018

Body Composition Analysis Day

Before Christmas we had MBCA scanners in for two full days! It was fantastic to see so many members putting their “body on the line”!!

CONGRATULATIONS to GEORGIA ORTON who took out the most rapid result in 3 months!
She lost a whopping 5kg of FAT, whilst maintaining her muscle mass, which is a credit to the high intensity classes she’s been committed to attending, as well as modifying her macro-nutrients – WHAT she was eating and WHEN!

Georgia you’ve won yourself a box of Organic Acai!

Enjoy delicious smoothie bowls for “recovery fuel” over the warmer months with your gorgeous family!

If you’re feeling like your training is not going anywhere, or you’re not feeling the benefit of your gym program, then you NEED to do this. Knowledge is Power.

Knowing what proportions your body is composed of (be it muscle, water, bone, fat) and in what areas, allows you to specify the EXACT TYPE of training you need, to be achieving your goals.

Several members were shocked to learn that their exhausting cardio efforts, were not needed in their program!
Whilst others were surprised they HAVE a good muscular base, and merely needed to lift their heart rate MORE now during their cardio efforts!

Moving forward, it’s given every single member a personalised goal to stay focused on between now and Easter.

As the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger once said –
“A person without a goal, is like a ship with no navigation system…It floats around the sea, and doesn’t go anywhere. Set your goal, then follow the map, to achieve what you set out to achieve!”

On that note team, let’s hit the next three months solid, and we’ll check in again just before the EASTER BUNNY visits!