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“Six years ago my mother came to me to help her lose weight. I taught her about nutrition, showed her a gym for the first time. Guided her closely for a year, which resulted in a huge 25kg weight loss! More importantly she has kept it off to this day, whilst embracing her new lifestyle. It was then that I realised how much I enjoyed helping people reach their goals, and it was something I could teach very well. It is now my mission to show women, that just because they may have never seen the inside of a gym, it’s not something they deserve to fear. I saw it turn my mother’s life around, mentally and physically, and I want to inspire as many women as I can, to do the same! I want to show women how a happy, healthier life doesn’t have to be achieved by eating next-to-nothing, and doing hours of cardio on end. But instead can be easily achieved and enjoyed, when they have the right knowledge and guidance.” Fantastic achievement Michelle! Just goes to show, anyone can do it with the right inspiration! Qualifications - Bachelor of International Business, Cert III and IV in Fitness, Level 2 First Aid CPR, Working with Children

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Jess started in the fitness industry 5 years ago. She’d reached a cross-road, and was forced to turn left or right for the sake of her health at the time. Thankfully, she chose the RIGHT direction, and started a strength training program at her local gym. The following 3 months of patience and persistence, saw her drop a whopping 25kg! Her positive “can do what you set your mind to” attitude, caught the attention of management, who employed her to inspire the fan club she’d created within the gym! This is such an inspiring achievement, and after moving house recently, we are greatful to have her beautiful smile apart of our team at 1M1B, spreading her “can do” mindset amongst all our members! Be sure to experience her magic both in class or during a 1 on 1! Qualifications - Cert III and IV in Fitness, Level 2 First Aid

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She loves teaching her clients the techniques, skills and strategies needed for them to achieve their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Her passion for health and fitness comes from being an elite athlete for 20 years. Heidi says…” It's my job, it's my life, and I love it!” Qualifications - Cert III and IV in Fitness, Diploma in Fitness, Working with Children, Level 2 First Aid

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In Amelias 40's she changed her career focus from design stylist to the fitness industry. She knows how difficult lifestyle changes can be and she wants to help her clients be successful with their fitness related lifestyle changes. Amelia says… “You need to love what you do from your heart, so your clients believe in you. Your passion and belief will give them the confidence to trust their ability, and believe in themselves." Qualifications - Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Level 2 First Aid, Certificate III in Childcare

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She is an incredible athlete, placing 1st at the Australian Calisthenics Championships 2018 as her most recent achievement; She is dedicated to her sport, trains 4 days each week with her team, as well as coaching up and coming dancers. Expanding her wings from teaching Calisthenics alone, and now spreading her magic into the gym industry, working with people of all abilities is something that Belle has always wanted to do. Aiming to improve regardless of their ability level, is an area Belle thrives in. Give her a goal, and she will go above and beyond to get you there! She loves helping people achieve things they never thought possible. What we love about Belle’s talent as a teacher, is she uses her own experiences and learning within her sport, to create workouts that are in line with the human body and it’s movement patterns. She resonates with any age demographic and carries a warm sense of humour!